A Broadway play is a great way to see highly skilled talent, once in a lifetime performance and have a night out on the town to remember for years.  When traveling to a play there will be a large assortment of options for you to decide on.  Broadway play reviews are also welcomed to be written about online and elsewhere.  However, if you haven’t seen a play before, here are some things that you could really love about them.

Broadway play reviews

Evening entertainment

Most plays are done at night.  This leaves the day open to take on other activities and really wind down and relax.  With plays being performed in the evening the most popular days are Friday and Saturday.  This leaves the other days of the week open for smaller performances and discounts.

Casual attire

One misconception is that you have to get dressed up in a tux to see a play.  This is not the case.  Most plays may have a dress night but in general it is a come as you are attire.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t get dressed up or look presentable when going to a play, but this is not a requirement.

Has an intermission

Halfway through a play you get an intermission.  This time away will allow you to stretch, grab a drink or something to eat and even talk about the play to your friends.  This intermission typically lasts thirty minutes or so.  Once it is over you should be refreshed and ready to continue with the play.

It’s not a move

Movies can get boring and can be seen whenever.  With a play you are being exposed to live performances.  Many of these performers are brand-new and trying to make it in the big city.  As such the entertainment that you see is fresh and unique.  Even if a play has gone on for a while, new performers will be added and switched out over time.