You may only have a single digital piano recorder standing upright against the wall in your living room. While this ideal learning instrument was never going to cost you an arm and a leg, you should at least be feeling quite privileged. Always just remember that there are those who perhaps dream more than you of playing a musical instrument but simply cannot. Donate piano nyc for a worthy cause.

Donate piano nyc

Not just a piano, but all other kinds of musical instruments too. Bass guitars, drum kits with its bass too. Flutes and horns – trumpets, trombones and bassoons. So many that you could care to name. You may have no need for these but just think of all the kids that would. NYC is a big place. There must be hundreds of schools across one of the world’s largest cities. And there must be quite a few schools out there that just don’t have the kind of budget that many households take for granted; much needed cash that could have been poured in to starting up the school band, the new canteen and the uniforms of the schools’ fledgling football teams and cheerleader groups.

And surrounding all these poor schools are those really run-down neighborhoods. Somehow, these neighborhoods always seem to have more and more young kids roaming about, looking for things to do. Many of them will sadly be led into a life of crime, believing that all other avenues have been closed to them. And many of these kids, always humming a tune, dream of being famous someday, just like your kids.

Many of them have high hopes of becoming famous musicians. Don’t let them lose hope and contribute. That’s so easy to do and it’s not asking much more than your usual morning latte.

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